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Why the Richards Signing Was Worth It. By Kevin DeLury

February 10, 2012
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It kills me to admit I was wrong, but yes the Brad Richards signing was worth it. And not because he scored his seventh game winning goal last night (that helps), but because of his Rangers teammates reaction to that goal (via Blueshirts United)…

Ryan Callahan…

“It’s so great for (Brad Richards). He’s working so hard, and you know he wants to put the points up, and he’s a leader in the room. For him to get that one against his old team, it’s special, and I think everyone in here is excited for him.”

Michael Del Zotto…

“It’s huge for (Brad Richards). You could see the relief on his face afterwards, just a huge smile. I know he’s just so happy to get that one and so is the team. It was such a huge goal for us, and I’m so happy for him.”

These quotes prove how much Richards means to this Rangers squad from a personal and professional standpoint.

Whether it’s creating a chemistry building tool with the Broadway Hat, taking Del Zotto out to dinner or scoring one of his many game winning goals, Richards is doing it all for the Rangers.

Even five years into his contract he will be a valuable veteran presence for the all the young talent that will be making their way through the Rangers system and into the Blueshirts locker room.

When Ryan Callahan talks about how hard Richards works and the excitement level of the team for him last night, I have no choice but to get on board.

Yes, he’s been mired in an awful slump recently, but even the most elite players struggle from time to time. And as Torts has stated, don’t give up on Richards, because when he’s not making the team better on the ice, he’s doing what he can to make them better off it.

Thought one of my readers (Annoying Joe) put it best last night, “Say what you will, you can tell he gives a *hit.” Can’t say that about many high priced free agents that have roamed the hallways of MSG.

Kevin DeLury
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