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The Lockout Files | They All Float Down Here – Hockey Fantasy. By Chris Wassel

October 19, 2012
Hockey This Week

Hockey This Week

The Lockout Files: They All Float Down Here. Hockey Fantasy. By Chris Wassell

It really gets depressing when you look at all the rhetoric being tossed around with the latest proposals and counter-proposals from the NHL and NHLPA. The fantasy hockey world was in quite a state of optimism on Tuesday when the magic 50-50 bean was announced. Heck, the hockey world was abuzz. As always with negotiations, there is the inevitable roller coaster when one thinks it is going to get serious and then by Thursday evening, it felt like “status quo” all over again. The numbers have been tossed around like clothes spun around in a washing machine.

The people that follow fantasy hockey are in the same sort of boat. Some of them are anyway. Experts are cringing because at some point fantasy football is going to end and then what? If the lockout starts claiming larger chunks, which is could by next week, it is going to send the exclusively fantasy hockey gurus into a frenzy.

What do they have to fall back on? Honestly there is not a lot. The greatest weakness in our sports society is that our experts (like most in the work force) became too specialized. Yes, there are those few that we can call “renaissance” sportsmen but those numbers are not rising fast enough. There simply is a gap when lockouts and work stoppages occur that usually cannot be satiated. If you think it can, then good luck trying!

This business chews people up and spits them out faster than a “New York Minute”. It is true that the fans deserve better but there is nothing we can do. We can write until the blueness hits the face but that is that. The expert may still be making money in some cases, but not all, and there are in the abyss just like the fan. When is it going to end? That is anyone’s guess. “When the rich wage war, it is the poor that die”. No one is literally dying but most of us are dying a little right now with the prospect of little or no NHL hockey this season. There is hope but flickering hope that the season can still be saved.

Adaptation now becomes the key. Sure, one can sit there and research the lockout and CBA material upside down and sideways. Hey, that is great but it just seems there are better things to do with one’s time. If that is your cup of tea, then great. For most the fire still burns to watch some hockey, enjoy some fantasy hockey, or even play some hockey. Why mope or protest something that is just going to get you more upset? Leave that to the experts. Better yet, go out and support the people that are really getting hurt by all of this — the businesses. There are a number of events planned for November 3rd. Go check them out as more are being added.

Get off your butts! Yes it sounds harsh but mentally people that are diehard hockey fans are in a rut. Snap out of it! Just because no one knows if there will be a hockey season means it is not the end of the world. After all, there are much worse things than losing your beloved sport for a year, like losing your job. I wanted to personally thank Carlos Figueiredo for starting and organizing this idea. Maybe it is one that wakes up the fans to what really matters. After all, if we cannot band together, what is the point? We all float down here and whether you work in the sports business or do not, we are all still fans here.

Lastly, for the fantasy hockey fans, we do have the Fantasy KHL for you. If you want some details, send an email to and we will put you on our list. Its not the same and I understand that but it is something and it is FREE. The goal is to embrace all the other alternatives that are out there or try some of them at the very least. Hang in there hockey fans. We are going for a very bumpy ride that I do not know when we come out of. Stay strong!

Chris Wassel
Hockey This Week

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