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Something To Talk About? HTW Radio Returns

November 25, 2012
Hockey This Week

Hockey This Week

Hockey This Week

Hockey This Week Radio Show
Tuesday November 27th 2012. 6:30pm-8pm EST.
Live from Third and Long in Manhattan.
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We’re baaaack!

Big deal right? Well it is and it isn’t. Does anybody care about hockey anymore? Hockey, yes. The NHL? Different story.

We waited as long as we could. Hoping to come back when the CBA had been settled, in September, October, maybe November. Now? God only knows. It’s time for HTW Radio to jump back on the rink before they cancel the entire season, which in all likelihood won’t be too long from now.

What a joke the league has become. Publicly, no matter which side you support, the players and the owners are killing our game in unison. It’s pretty sick when you think about. So much money, greed and arrogance all around.

How do we talk positively, promote earnestly and brag about the game we love under the current circumstances? Our league is a laughing stock.

To have been on air wasting breath on the negotiations the past couple of months would have been nauseating. You listen to other radio shows, and no fault to them but you can hear the pain in all the frustrating discussions and anger about the unknown, the what if’s and the how to fix it. Then the next day, it starts all over again. Beat writers for papers and publications running back and forth to Toronto and New York to report and repeatedly tweet the same nothingness coming out of the NHL and NHLPA’s mouths. Brutal.

Aint right.

It’s the NHL today. Which was the NHL in 2004 and the NHL in 1995. When it’s over, it better be an 8 to 10 year contract. Don’t think anyone of us who loves hockey and wants to see it’s long term survival, can take any term less than that, as a serious investment into the fans and allies they hope will come back after so much damage has been done.

Until then, we carry on.

Tune in Tuesday Night and be miserable with us together at one of our favorite hockey bars in the world, Third and Long. In fact come out and have a drink with us. We miss all our hockey brothers and sisters.

Here’s to better hockey times. Cheers!

Paul C. Cuthbert
Hockey This Week

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