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Sabres Report | Sabres Fighting for a Center; Still Linked to Bobby Ryan Trade

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Sabres Fighting for a Center; Still Linked to Bobby Ryan Trade

Now that both Zach Parise and Ryan Suter have signed matching 12-year deals with the Minnesota Wild, the rest of the league has begun their search for the right pieces out of the remaining free agents. While a good number of quality players are remaining in free agency, some of the best players are yet to be taken through trades.

The Buffalo Sabres have been linked to a trade with Anaheim for Bobby Ryan for some time now. It seems that the Ducks are in no position to keep the forward this season with his discontent being well documented. While the Ducks may think they have the upper-hand in this deal, they may not.

Everyone knows that Ryan is upset with the organization’s handling of trade rumors. The Ducks didn’t seem to care about keeping his trade status a secret, and Ryan took that poorly. To put it into perspective, that’s like having your boss hear a rumor of your firing and remain open to the idea, publicly.

So Ryan wants out. But where would Anaheim ship him? East is the best option. Anaheim doesn’t want to play against Ryan any more than they would have to. If he ships out east, it’s an easy one or two games and you’re done.

The front-runners for Ryan appear to be Philadelphia and Buffalo. Ryan is from New Jersey, and may want to go to Philadelphia more, but it’s the team’s decision. So while Philadelphia is in the running, it’ll take quite an offer from a team who has lost a few key players in free agency already.

Buffalo may be the actual front-runner because of two things. Clearly the Sabres have a ton of defensemen, and the prospect bin is near full. While fans love players like Brayden McNabb or Tyler Ennis, those are the types of players that would have to be sent packing for a player like Ryan.

The trade shouldn’t take forever but in this case it may. If the Sabres find a deal elsewhere for a strong forward, don’t expect them to wait. While there is a lot of stock in Ryan’s abilities, don’t expect Buffalo to waste any opportunities to make themselves better for only a 50 percent chance of getting a player.

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