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Hockey This Week

Nash Your Teeth No More! Rick Nash Is A Ranger By @PuckSage


Hockey This Week

Hockey This Week

Hockey This Week

Nash Your Teeth No More! Rick Nash Is A Ranger

Rick Nash has finally been traded. We can now watch Rick Howson’s antics on other players. The return is actually worth the wait. Brandon Dubinsky at his top form is on the same level of total game performance as Ryan Kesler and in Columbus, will likely earn him enough of the spotlight, that he picks up his own Selke in a couple of years. Artem Anisimov isn’t going to set the league on fire in anyone’s uniform but he’s the type of big bodied, attitude carrying, depth player that helps teams succeed. If you’re going to look at recent Stanley Cup champions for comparables, look at Versteeg or Ladd in the BlackHawks winning season or a much larger Marchand from the Bruins win.

Hockey This Week

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Then there are the variables. Tim Erixson is now on his third team since being drafted. As the 23rd pick in the 2009 draft, his first round pedigree should make him highly coveted. He’s punched his card in the SEL and the AHL but has only picked up a dozen and a half NHL games. He’s a bit on the spindly side and leans more towards the offensive. With Johnson and Wisniewski in Columbus, he should get well tutored in the offensive arts. The first round pick is the other variable. If you argue that the Rangers have destroyed their chemistry in exiling Dubinsky and Anisimov, the Rangers could end up back in the eighth playoff spot in the east and go back to one and done next year or at least in a worst case scenario, miss the playoffs by two or three points. By almost any reading this is a mid to late first round pick.

For the Rangers Nash is a big body who will not likely end up with the entire spotlight given the rest of the roster. The Big Apple obsession focus on Lundqvist and the attention given to Gaborik, Richards and Callahan will ensure that all Nash has to do is show up and not be any lower than the third most productive offensive player his first season, to be spared media scalping’s.

The minor leaguer Aaron Portzline believes is in the deal, is Steven Delisle, who is not an unfair exchange in terms of production for Erixson. Erixson has the higher ceiling at least if you go off draft position. The third round pick could be a dud or a superstar just like any draft pick.

Important question for Columbus fans:  How long before Jack Johnson or James Wisniewski is named Captain?

Hockey This Week

@PuckSage is glad this trade happened, even if it means he has to put the #Ranson4Rick hashtag on hiatus until the NYR fans turn into a lynch mob because Nash doesn’t score 400 points in his first sixty games playing with Brad Richards.

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