Local Stars Shine in 1st period. By Mike Carver

January 29, 2012


Hockey This Week

Hockey This Week

Hockey This Week

When you watch the NHL all star game, you expect plenty of offense and the fans are getting just that up in Ottawa with the score tied at 3. Some thoughts on the first 20 minutes as some local boys lead the charge:

  • The trash talk has apparently gone on all weekend between Henrik Lundqvist and Marion Gaborik since they were drafted on separate teams Thursday night. The King’s night is finished after the first period, and Gaborik clearly won the battle. 2 goals on Henrik for Gaborik including giving him the “anisimov” after the first.
  • John Tavares continues to shine in his first all star weekend appearance. A goal for JT, his first in all star competition, tied the score for team Alfredsson. Not only did JT score but was also denied by Jimmy Howard on a tremendous move early in the first. JT also led all players with 4 shots on goal.
  • The Rangers Dan Girardi should also be on the board but his goal was later credited to Jason Spezza. It could be home town cooking or he could of actually tipped it, who knows.
  • For only the second time in history, we had a penalty shot in the All Star game. Steven Stamkos tried the same move he dazzled Carey Price with last night, but was denied by Howard.
  • Anyone on the ice hotter than Evgeni Malkin right now? Sick goal scored by Geno on Lundqvist.
  • Can the NHL also please find some better pre game entertainment. The clown who sang as players were introduced was brutal.
  • Love how NBC has the players mic’d on the ice and talking to them while they are playing, adds a little something more to the broadcast, great stuff! And how about torts letting his hair down a little saying Gaborik will get fined a grand for his anisimov imitation and that the NHLPA “does not like anything”…awesome stuff
  • Good luck to Jon Quick and TCarey Price ….plenty of shots coming their way in the next 20

Talk to you after the 2nd period!

Mike Carver
Hockey This Week

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