A few thoughts after One in Philly. By Mike Carver

January 2, 2012
Hockey This Week

Hockey This Week

End of one period here in Philadelphia, the Rangers and Flyers are scoreless.

Here’s a few fast thoughts on the 1st:

  1. Not much action the first 7 or 8 minutes, sure looked like both teams were getting a feel for the ice and the conditions.  It is VERY cold and windy down on the concourse level where I’m taking in the game, can only imagine what it’s like on the ice.
  2.  Henrik Lundqvist is on his game.  He made a tremendous glove save on Timonen and his stop on Jaromir Jagr’s breakaway late in the first was sparkling.  Going to be hard to beat the King today in Philly.  His pads look outstanding as well. 
  3. Once things finally got going half way through the first the Flyers looked like the better team.  More time in the Rangers zone and more quality scoring attemps.
  4. Bad job by Brad Richards.  Rangers finally get a chance to get some offense going(aside from the 1 breakaway Callahan had poked away) and Richards takes a silly penalty.
  5. No word on why Jaromir Jagr headed to the locker room with about 4 minutes left in period.
  6. Marc Staal logged just over 3 minutes of ice time.  Clearly he will not be playing big minutes, nor should he.
  7.  Nice ceremony by the Flyers during 1st intermission with the tribute to 1975 Stanley Cup champs.

See you during the 2nd Intermission.

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